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Listening to red.jpg

"Listening To Red" mixed media Barbara Harnack 2018

"There are many ways of storytelling. My work is a fragment, a moment, a way to come closer to an unknown character. Perhaps it is not always obvious.  There are people, places and things in our present that relate to our personal stories. The elements trigger something in all of us that makes us more alive and experience a universal kinship."

In 1980 Barbara Harnack graduated Parson's School of Design and moved to Malden Bridge, New York with her eventual husband Michael Lancaster, a ceramic artist. For the next thirty five years she would focus on clay and mixed media, frequently painting on the surfaces of her earthy ceramic canvases. In the latter half of 2015 all that would change when she decided to focus on painting, treating panels as if they too were clay.

© Barbara Harnack & Michael Lancaster 2016 all rights reserved