Barbara Harnack


Michael Lancaster

Barbara Harnack

Born in New York, Barbara grew up surrounded by art and began her studies early at The Art Student's League and The Hudson River Museum. She attended California College of Art, Philadelphia College of Art, State University of New York at Albany, and graduated from Parson's School of Art in 1980 with an art certificate. See full resume here.

Artist Statement 2016

“All my life I have drawn. I can remember drawing in a book as a child. I was convinced my drawings looked just like the rabbits and squirrels running by in the book. I was four years old. Later I encountered that scribble in the childhood book. To my delight it was raw and sincere.

Now I am a grown woman. The same things that spoke to me then are real today: an allegory left to the viewer to interpret, humanity in figure but expressed in abstraction – raw and sincere. What I see in my mind is a brief map of where my drawings and paintings might begin. For a lifetime I have been a ceramic sculptor, which meant I was painting (or glazing) on my ceramics. I have transferred this painting onto panels. This process of carving and drawing on panels has forced me into a physical engagement of expression. I don't want to be too informed, so as to allow the artwork to manifest independent of a preconceived image. This is where I live: in between my thoughts and my art making.” - BH

Michael Lancaster

Born in Sarasota, FL Michael grew up in an arts family, the son of portrait painter Betty Warren, and actor Stuart Lancaster, Michael is the great-grandson of Circus magnate Charles Ringling. He apprenticed in pottery at Red Rock Pottery. See full resume here.

The Couple

They met at the Malden Bridge School of Art in 1975. The visual art school was once the first Summer stock theater in the US, (Malden Bridge Playhouse), and first feminist theater (Nell Gwin Theater), and saw the start of young performers careers such as Shelly Berman and Barbra Streisand. In time the young couple would co-manage the art facility founding a pottery, galleries, sculpture events and hosting performing arts events.

In the late 1980's they moved o Santa Fe, NM and eventually nearby Cerrillos, where they raised their daughter, Amrit Ringling Lancaster and built a compound devoted to art.