Now - adapted from his novel, The feature screenplay Ringling is available (more below). If requesting the script please note that it is registered with the Writers Guild of America (West) and registered with The novel (below) is available on

Harnack and Lancaster have embarked on numerous literary and film projects. In 2011 Michael chose to write a family story which he had researched for over 30 years. "Ringling - The Last Laugh" is a novel which tells the story of the betrayal of John Ringling, the great Circus King. John's brother Charles Ringling was Michael's great-grandfather. The novel was published in 2012 by Ballyhoo Publishing. For the next two years the couple would collaborate on a children's book "The Boys From Baraboo - The Story of The Ringling Brothers." This historical picture book was created by Barbara hand sculpting over 65 characters and then Michael built scenes in light boxes to tell the story in 28 scenes. It was awarded a Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention by Five Star Book Awards.


In 2014, to 2017 Michael worked tirelessly adapting his novel for a feature screenplay as Ringling. Logline - During the Great Depression, The Circus King, John Ringling is betrayed by his best friend who conspires to steal The Greatest Show on Earth

During this same period Michael also wrote INK - a horror story and a tale of a young girl's test of her commitment to her dreams and goals.

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